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The best 12 things to do in Switzerland

Due to its enclaved location between mountains and lakes, and thanks to its neutrality, this country is one of the best preserved countries on earth. Its prestine nature is a haven for nature lovers and hikers.

Although the country is pretty small it has many things to offer, and its takes many travels to see all of it! If you have 10 days in Switzerland you can either choose a specific region to explore it fully, or you can focus on 2 to 3 regions and only select the see their highlights.

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1 The Lac Léman, Montreux and around

Photo credits: @sgtgarcia @flickr

You can start with Montreux and have a walk on the side of the Lac Leman at the Chillon castle.

Then visit the old city of Montreux and walk to the casino, in which you can visit the Queen's studio for free (just ask the Casino's personnel to visit it and they'll take you to it). If you plan to do this, don't forget to bring an ID card as you'll walk into a casino, even if you don't plan to spend any money.
After visiting Montreux take your car and drive to the terrasses de Lavaux, centuries old vineyards that are listed as Unesco's world heritage. Drive through the small roads and take time to stop in the small villages.

2 Le Valais

Photo credits: @trialsanderrors @flickr

If you went to Switzerland for its magical landscapes and to see some mountains, go to Le Valais.

You can start at Verbier, and hike the many trails that start here.
Then make go to Sion and visit its Tourbillon castle and basilique de Valère.

3 Zermatt and the matterhorn

Photo credits: @girolame @flickr

A must see in Zermatt is the world famous Matterhorn (Cervin in French, Cervino in Italian).

Access by road is not possible, you can get there by driving to Täsch and then taking a train to Zermatt.
There are multiple hiking trails starting from Zermatt.
You can also walk through the city's main street and enjoy its luxury ambiance.
Plan one full day to do all of this.

4 Lago maggiore (lac majeur)

Photo credits: @90461913@N00 @flickr

On the south with the Italian border don' miss the lago maggiore. Go to Locarno and walk by the lake.

Also make a stop in Lugano to see its smaller lake.
You can also drive around the lake and stop at the many villages around.

5 The Grisons and Saint Moritz

Photo credits: @patrick_nouhailler @flickr

Visit the Grisons region and spend the night in or around Saint Moritz. This luxury city is a stop to wander around to visit the region.

Don't miss the glacier Pers.

6 Lauterbrunnen, the Jungfrau and the Eiger

Photo credits: @myhsu @flickr

Probably the most Instagrammed picture of Switzerland is Lauterbrunnen and its beautiful waterfall.

The city is quite small and done quickly.
Another ultra famous spot in Switzerland is the Jungfrau. It is quite expensive but is a must do. Take a whole day to make it to the top and go back.
On another day, go see the Eiger, the mythical mountain with its sharp edges.
Many people will stay in Interlaken which has no specific charm, we'd better recommend you to stay in Thunn not far from there, a lovely medieval city with lots of charm.

7 Bern, Gruyère, Fribourg and Murten

Photo credits: @b-e-r-b-e-r @flickr

Another must see is Bern and the region of Fribourg.

Take a day to walk in the charming streets of Bern and go to Bern's bear pit.
Then take another day to visit the old medieval towns of Fribourg, Gruyère and Murten.

8 Biel and Saint-Ursanne

Photo credits: @128277403@N06 @flickr

Less known are Biel and Saint-Ursanne in the north of Switzerland, that both kept the charm of old Swiss villages.

9 Lucerne

Photo credits: @94098640@N00 @flickr

Another very Instagrammed place is Lucerne, and its beautiful bridges and facades.

Take a day to enjoy this magical place and discover the Lac des quatres cantons. If you have time you can also drive to Engelberg. 

10 Zurich

Photo credits: @88783861@N04 @flickr

Not far from Lucerne is Zurich, one of Switzerland's major cities.

Despite its size the city has kept some of its old charm and is worth visiting in one day.

11 The Rheinfalls, Schafhausen and Constance

Photo credits: @156462102@N06 @flickr

In the North East of Switzerland is another very turistic place: the Rhin's falls. Take half a day to visit them.

Then go to Shafhausen, an old Germanic city with beautiful painted facades. 
Finish with a trip to Constance and enjoy its beautiful lake and the old town with its clear German heritage.

12 Saint-Gall and Appenzel

Photo credits: @125894090@N05 @flickr

Last but not least are Saint-Gall, with its impressive basilique, and Appenzel, an atypic town with a unique style of painted facades. The town is very small and can be walked in 1 or 2 hours. Also try to have a taste of the Appenzel cheese that is made in this lovely town.

The best 12 things to do in Switzerland

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