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Located in the west side of Europe, France combines 3 differents seas, 4 mountain areas, volcanic regions and historic villages and cities. Due to its long history and very diverse landscapes, France is a must go for all travelers who wish to visit Europe.

Practical informations

English level : Poor
Cashless society : Good
Safety level : Good


65,073,482 hab.


643,801 km²

Average age



Female: 51.45% Male: 48.55%

Average income

26 327€

Electric socket type : 220V




Camping 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars
20€ 50€ 70€ 90€ 120€ 200€

Accomodation costs vary from 50€ for a 1 star hotel to 200 € for a 5 stars hotels.
Camping is around 20€.


Cheap Average Expensive
11€ 20€ 45€

Eating in France varies from 11€ for a cheap meal, 20€ for an average meal, to 45€ for a meal in a more expensive restaurant.

Cost for a coffee: 1€

Cost for a beer: 3€


Tipping waiters and bartenders in France is considered as not customary

Basic words French

Thank you : Merci

Thank you very much : Merci beaucoup

Please : S'il vous plait

You're welcome : Pas de quoi

Yes : Oui

No : Non

Pardon me : Excusez moi

I don't understand : Je ne comprend pas

Do you speak English? : Parlez vous Anglais?

What's your name? : Quel est votre nom?

How are you? : Comment allez vous?

I'm sorry : Je suis désolé

Fuel prices

Type Min Max
Gasoil 1.3€ 1.614€
Unleaded 95 1€ 1.64€
Unleaded 98 1.422€ 1.827€
Unleaded 95 E10 1.377€ 1.707€
GPL 0.769€ 0.999€
Ethanol 85 0.599€ 0.839€

Last updated on 26/02/2021

Tourism information

Currency Euro (€)

Convert currency

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Weather in France

Weather history - France


Temperature min: -9°C

Temperature max: 38°C

Cities in France

Airports - France


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