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127,000,000 hab.


377,962 km²

Electric socket type : 110V


Food specialties

Kakigôri Zaru soba Sômen Hiyashi chûka Sushi Sashimi Tempura Yakitori Miso Tsukemono Udon Ramen Okonomiyaki Shabu Shabu Onigiri Gyudon Gyoza



Tipping waiters and bartenders in Japan is considered as not customary

Tourism information

The best period to visit Japan is in March and April. Spring is also the season of the Sakura (cherry blossoms), which makes it the perfect time to get the best iconic scenes of Japan. Summer (June to August) is also quite frequented but the rain season in June and July and the hot and humid climate is not ideal. Fall (September to November) offers better conditions to visit Japan and is the period of the momiji, meaning red leaf as mapple leaves are turning red, creating beautiful scenes. Winter in Japan is cold but you can enjoy skiing or a hot bath in the onsen.

Currency Japanese yen (¥)

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Weather in Japan

Weather history - Japan


Temperature min: -13°C

Temperature max: 38°C

Best time to go

January February March April May June July August September October November December

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