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France - Salers

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6042 Rue du Beffroi, 15140 Salers, France

Square tower with guardrooms joined to a rounded tower with stairs - Bell-tower with a bell from 1509 reminding us of the municipal franchise and the consulate right obtained at this period.

Please respect the site and leave no trace!

If you are going to take on this trek, please respect the rules that apply to this site and keep it as you found it:
Plan ahead and prepare,
Travel and camp on durable surfaces,
Dispose of waste properly,
Leave what you find,
Respect wildlife,
Minimize campfire impacts,
Be considerate of other visitors

Nearby activities

1 Lizet house

Pierre Lizet’s house – He was president of the Paris Parliament in the reign of François 1st and gave his house to found a hospital.

6042 Rue du Beffroi, 15140 Salers, France

Distance : 6 m

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2 House known as the Bailliwick

Little castle from the Renaissance period – House of de Valens and de Nozières who were magistrate families – Room put at the consuls’ disposal after the municipal franchise (ring).

6042 Rue du Beffroi, 15140 Salers, France

Distance : 24 m

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3 Tourist Office and Town Hall

Building from the 19th century rebuilt on the ruins of the Lords of Salers’ home in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Rue des Templiers, 15140 Salers, France

Distance : 29 m

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4 Flaugeac house

Hexagonal tower with a corbelled construction – Under the house, old trading arcades closed in the 18th century or later.

Rue des Nobles, 15140 Salers, France

Distance : 30 m

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5 Lacombe house

House from the 16th century with a tower open at the street level and beautiful carved cross.

6042 Rue du Beffroi, 15140 Salers, France

Distance : 36 m

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6 La Ronade house

Tower open at the street level with 5 floors from the 14th century – Members of this family were lieutenants of the Bailliwick in Salers for over a century.

Rue des Templiers, 15140 Salers, France

Distance : 39 m

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7 De Bargues House

Chazette de Bargues family – Family with a middle-class origin who grew rich with trade and who bought a title of nobility

Rue des Nobles, 15140 Salers, France

Distance : 43 m

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8 Museum – The Commander’s house

Building from the 15th century – Inside the old pharmacy from the 19th century in Salers (Raveyre’s chemist) - Museum dedicated to the history of Salers

6033 Rue des Templiers, 15140 Salers, France

Distance : 58 m

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9 Bertrandy house

Enigmatic tympanum on a carved door from the 18th century.

165 Rue de Barrouze, 15140 Salers, France

Distance : 70 m

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10 La Martille gate

Second entrance gate with two floors and guardrooms.

6010 Rue de la Martille, 15140 Salers, France

Distance : 78 m

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11 Saint Mathew church

Neogothic porch carved in the 19th century – Gothic nave rebuilt in the 16th century – Holy Sepulchure from the 15th century, tapestries from the 17th century from la Marche workshops.

22 Rue Notre Dame, 15140 Salers, France

Distance : 127 m

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12 Site of the former castle

Remains of the defensive walls of the feudal castle can be seen on a basalt hillock (private property).

Rue du Château, 15140 Salers, France

Distance : 166 m

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13 Barrouze esplanade

Park planted with trees surrounded by ramparts with an outstanding view – The cast-iron cross reminds us of the exactions during the French Revolution.

Chemin des Loups, 15140 Salers, France

Distance : 201 m

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14 Missionary house

Large building with a chapel erected by diocesan missionaries in the 18th century – Currently old people’s home.

D680, 15140 Salers, France

Distance : 328 m

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15 Our Lady of Lorette chapel

Baroque style building from the 14th-15th and 19th centuries - It was the desire of a Lord of Salers after a wish made during the Second Crusade - Popular pilgrimage spot

Cité Malpangere, 15140 Salers, France

Distance : 374 m

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