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Electric socket type : 220V

Electric socket type
Electric socket type
Electric socket type

Basic words Chinese

Hello : Nǐhǎo

Good morning : Zǎo

Goodnight : Wǎn'ān

Thank you : Xièxiè

You’re welcome : Bù kèqì

How much? : Duō shǎo?

Please : Qǐng

Excuse me : Láo jià

I am sorry : Dùi bù qǐ

Check, please : Măi dān

Yes : Shì

No : Bù shì

I don't understand : Wǒ bú míng bái

Tourism information

Currency Renminbi (¥)

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Renminbi to

Weather in China

China offers various climate conditions depending on the region you are in. The best periods to visit China are in spring during the months of April and May, and in September.

Weather history - China


Temperature min: -11°C

Temperature max: 39°C

Health in China

There is a high risk of paludism all year round in the Hainan and the Yannan. In the central regions there is a risk of laudism from May to December.

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