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You are like Indiana Jones and like to discover new cultures and new things.
You like going to cities that have a soul and like old monuments, but you also enjoy nature and old sites outside modern cities.
You are sophisticated and you have a deep love for old or modern art!
Paintings, sculpture, litterature, music, architecture, cinema, you like everything that gives emotion and enjoy discovering more of these.
You live mostly at night and like to go to parties and mostly have fun.
During the day you need to chill so going to the beach is a good option.
A trip is better when you can have fun and meet new people!
For you a good holiday rhymes with chillaxing on the beach and drinking cocktails. After all, holidays are meant to rest!
You like to stay in the same place during your trip and like to explore it fully.
Going from place to place is too exhausting!
Life is nothing is you don't live it fully!
Sports is part of your DNA and your thing is skiing or snowboarding, because there's nothing better than the mountains under some soft snow!
You need a place with snow and open ways so you can practice your art.
There's nothing better than riding your board on a crazy sea.
You're always looking for the best spots to practice your passion.
We are the only species that evolved walking on our 2 feets right?
Walking rhymes with a healthy lifestyle, and it's even better when you can do it in astoudishing landscapes. You are then one with nature.
A good trip means some good treks and some time to relax and charming villages.
The only true holidays are in the confort of your tent or caravan, staying in one place for the whole time so you can get to know your neighboors and take aperos with them and enjoying the beach. There's nothing like camping!
You travel only by car or van, which is your second home during a trip.
You like moving from places to places, but enjoy staying in a good place for a while, as long as there are a good spot to spend the night. (TODO ask if stay in hotel or in car/van so we'll look for camping car spots)

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