The Italian dolce vita between majestic Roman cities and wonderful landscapes. Italy has a lot to offer and it'll take multiple trips before you have seen all of the different faces of Italy.

Practical informations




61,000,000 hab.


301,340 km²

Average age


Average income

28 536 €

Electric socket type : 220V


Basic words Italian

Thank you : Grazie

Thank you very much : Grazie tante

Please : Per favore

You're welcome : Prego

Yes : Si

No : No

Pardon me : Mi scusi

I don't understand : Non capisco

Do you speak English? : Parla inglese?

What's your name? : Come si chiama?

How are you? : Come va?

I'm sorry : Mi dispiace

Tourism information

Italy is a very popular destination, particularly Roma, Florence, Pisa, Naples and the cinquo terre region. July and August draw a massive amount of tourists! Try to go in June or September if you want to avoid crowds.

Currency : Euro (€)

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Weather in Italy

The best time to go in Italy is at the end of Spring (May, June) and in the beginning of Autumn (September, October). During these periods you will enjoy nice temperatures and avoid the cold temperatures of winter and the hot temperatures of summer.

Weather history - Italy


Temperature min: -7°C

Temperature max: 41°C

Health in Italy

The rate of diseases transmitted by mosquitos is very low in Italy. However make sure to cover your forearms in the evening during summer to avoid mosquitos' bites.


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